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Sprite patches [All of em]

Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:24 pm
by levellord
[Xky, plz delete any other Sprite related patch topics I have made, they are not needed]

I have uploaded the Keen 2 sprite patches directory. It is the least complete of the Keen 1-3 sparite patches, but I was rushed. Either way it still contains all previous sprite patches and a lot of new ones, in the traditional format. It can be found here: ... 20Patches/

Take a peek, and enjoy!

Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 12:48 am
by levellord
As per Xky's request; here is some additional dialouge, both from other topics and from the sprite patches folder.

Firstly there are 8 subsections, the first just being an introduction. The second section is Behaviour [ ... aviour.txt] and its the most difficult to understand. Basically it breaks down each sprite into several behaviours, or things it can do. The first behaviour of a sprite affects what it spawns, so there's a brief list of 'spawning' behaviours for the maateurs. I've tried to document things properly, but really the only way you can get an idea of what these things do is to play around with them yourself.

Section three is Interaction [ ... action.txt] and it deals with how sprites interact both with other sprites and Keen., for example whether they kill Keen, or die when shot by enemy bullets, or stun... pretty easy to understand, but do note that behaviour $07 [belonging to the platform] allows the sprite to move while far away from Keen; this can result in sprites getting places you may not want them. [Thanks Ezjay]

Section four is Speeds [ ... Speeds.txt] basically it controls all sprite speeds and jump heights Speeds are in 16ths of a pixel per second and leftward or upward speeds are negative ]such as $FF $A6] Sometimes however negative [or positive] speeds are used by a sprite to move in both directions.

Section five is When shot [ ... 20shot.txt] and its pretty explainitory; it deals with what happens when Keen shoots a sprite, and how many shots a sprite takes to die. Switching death behaviours will also switch sprite strength, if it dies like a Vorticon, its as strong as a vorticon.

Section 6 is Animations [ ... ations.txt] it deals with what animation frames sprites use and how many frames they use. This is for those times where you want your main enemy to have four walking frames instead of two, or you're not using this death animation and you want to use the frames for something else. With some smart patching there's a lot of potential.

Section 7 is Misc [ ... atches.txt] its basically anything useful that doesn't fit under the previous sections, say, the time Keen spends stunned.

The final section is just a collection of junk patches; things that while not useless, are unlikely to be needed. They are dumped here to avoid clutter.

Right, I think that covers everything!