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Keen can shoot up and down

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:48 am
by levellass
Yes, a Keen 1 version is easily possible.

Code: Select all

#Jump table $805DW $805FW $8061W
%patch $8048 $C3 $1B5BW  $1B5BW  $1B5BW  $1B7BW  $1B65W  $1B65W
                 $1B65W  $1B7BW  $1B5BW  $1B7BW  $0190W  $FE70W

#Shooting code
%patch $1B4A $90 $90 $2E $A1 $7D0CW  $8B $1E $BA $96 $D1 $E3 $2E $FF $A7 $804BW
                 $2E $A1 $805FW  $2E $A3 $7D0CW  $EB $08 $2E $A1 $805DW  $2E
             $A3 $7D0CW  $2E $A1 $8061W  $2E $A3 $7D22W  $2E $A3 $7D95W  $EB
             $1B $2E $A1 $8061W  $2E $A3 $7D0CW  $2E $A1 $805DW  $2E $A3 $7D22W
             $2E $A1 $805FW  $2E $A3 $7D95W  $90 $90 $90

When Keen presses up he will shoot up, when he presses down, he will shoot down. Otherwise he'll shoot left or right. The shot speeds involved are $0190W, $FE70W and $0000W (Left\up, right\down and still.) Keen uses the same shooting animation no matter what direction he shoots though.