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Foob running towards Keen

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:19 am
by KeenRush
Patch by xtraverse. Making foob run towards Keen, instead of fleeing. This can be done by changing the speeds.

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#make foob run towards keen

%patch $4B6C $06 $FF
%patch $4B74 $FA $00
Here's the patches for changing the speed, also by xtraverse.

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#adjust the foobs speed
#this patch makes the foob go faster then regular while walking and slower than regular while running

%patch $4AC4 $4E $FF #default: $CE $FF
%patch $4AD0 $B2 $00 #default: $32 $00

#running away
%patch $4B6C $7A $00 #default: $FA $00
%patch $4B74 $86 $FF #default: $06 $FF
Here's some useful information I asked back then;
Cool! How does the running towards patch work?
And xtra replied:
I did a search in the foob functions for every time [si+0x20] (or [0x9330]) was changed, because this is the x velocity value in the sprite structure. I found six. Two I had no idea what they did because they were almost 0 ($0001 and $FFFF). The other four were in pairs of two. Anything $0001 - $7FFF goes right, and anything $FFFF - $8000 goes left. I noticed one pair was higher numbers than the other, so I knew it had to be the charging speeds. Then I patched over each number with the negative of what it had been before (essentially swapping them).

Making the foobs dangerous (that adds a bit garg effect to the speed patches), can be done by this simple patch by me.

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# Make foob kill Keen if touched.
%patch $3E1B $02 $00