Title Screen mechanics

Completed patches for Keen3.
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Title Screen mechanics

Post by XkyRauh »

As posted by Andy:

This patch changes the location at which the title screen bitmap is drawn:

For Keen 3:

Code: Select all

%ext ck3
%version 1.31

# The title bitmap will be shown at offset 0,0
%patch $A08C   $00 $00     # Y location, in pixels
%patch $A090   $04 $00     # (X location in pixels) / 8 + 4

and as added to by LevelLord:

#Press F1 sprite
%patch $A09A $01
#Don't show F1 sprite
%patch $A09A $90

#F1 sprite y position
%patch $A09E $01
#F1 sprite x position
%patch $A0A2 $01

#Don't show F1 sprite or title bitmap
%patch $A0B2 $01

#Go straight to game, no menu.
%patch $A0C9 $01

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Post by levellord »

I have learnt a few things since thiese patches, most notably;

All lines must end with $0A; adding another $0A will lower the next line a space
for every extra $0A added. Lines can be as long as, or shorter than shown here,
and indeed, two character longer than shown, any longer causes problems.

About ID:

Code: Select all

#About ID text
%patch $1C870 "We are a group of software artists " $0A
%patch $1C898 "whose goal is to bring commercial  " $0A
%patch $1C8C0 "quality software to the public     " $0A
%patch $1C8E8 "at shareware prices.               " $0A $0A
%patch $1C910 "Our effort is only possible with   " $0A
%patch $1C938 "your support. Without it, we cannot" $0A
%patch $1C960 "continue to make this fine         " $0A
%patch $1C988 "software so affordable.            " $0A $0A
%patch $1C9B0 "Thank you in advance for your      " $0A
%patch $1C9D8 "contribution to the future of the  " $0A
%patch $1CA00 "growing shareware market.          " $0A

#About Id is blank[no text]
%patch $A0CA $C3

This is a safer way of totally removing the Titlescreen and F1 for help bitmaps; it skips their code entirely, giving you extra space, just like the Blank ID patch [good if you need somewhere to put stuff.]

Code: Select all

#Neither titlescreen or F1 bitmaps appear
%patch $A085 $C3

Likewise this keeps the highscore screen blank, no matter what. [The game will still tell you if you get a high score]

Code: Select all

#Blank highscores
%patch $A145 $C3
It is also possible to turn any of the screens patched here into any other. For example you can make the highscore screen into about ID, however this means you can't use the highscore screen any more [yet]

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