Number of Shots at New Game

Completed patches for Keen3.
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Number of Shots at New Game

Post by XkyRauh »

As found by Andy:

This patch lets you set the number of shots that Keen starts with at the beginning of a new game. This sample has him starting with a single shot.

Keen 3:

Code: Select all

%ext ck3
%version 1.31

%patch $98F8  $01 $00

Andy also added:

The Keen engine only checks whether the number of shots is zero or not; otherwise it subtracts one. So (due to the behaviour of signed 16-bit integers), if Keen has -1 shots, after shooting he will have -2, then -3, and so on up until -32768. If he then shoots once more, he will have +32767 shots, which will then reduce to zero.
Needless to say that this total number of shots (65535) is practically unlimited.

Snaily pointed out:

Assuming you fired four shots per seconds, you'd have to be mashing those buttons for over four and a half hours {to run out of ammo}. That's one amazing attention span.

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