Miscelanous text and filename patches

Completed patches for Keen3.
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Miscelanous text and filename patches

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All those small text patches for those too lazy to look them up. For Keen 2 and 3 there are some files referred to that it appears it may be possible to patch out [ENDTEXT, HELPTEXT, etc] however I'm not good enough to do that.

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%patch 0x01BA4C "LEVEL0" 
%patch 0x01BA53 "LEVEL" 
%patch 0x01BA84 "KEENSCRN.PIC" #No idea what this does 
%patch 0x01BA15 "CK3" #ending of filenames 
%patch 0x01C5A4 "SCORES" #scores loaded as 
%patch 0x01C597 "PREVIEWS" 
%patch 0x01C58A "STORYTXT" 
%patch 0x01C57D "ENDTEXT" 
%patch 0x01C570 "HELPTEXT" 
%patch 0x01C067 "EGASPRIT" 
%patch 0x01C05D "EGALATCH" 
%patch 0x01C054 "EGAHEAD" 
%patch 0x01C657 "SCORES" #scores saved as 
%patch 0x01CA28 "SAVED" #load game 
%patch 0x01CA35 "SAVED" #save game 
%patch 0x01C4FC "finale.ck3" 
%patch 0x01C040 "CTLPANEL" #load settings as 
%patch 0x01C04A "CTLPANEL" #save settings as 

#Misc text 
%patch 0x01BA91 "Sound (Y/N)?" 
%patch 0x01BA68 "Quit to (D)os or" 
%patch 0x01BA7A "(T)itle;" 
%patch 0x01BA5B "Quit (Y/N)?" 
%patch 0x01BB02 "EXTRA KEEN AT" 
%patch 0x01BB19 "KEENS" 
%patch 0x01BB2A "PISTOL" 
%patch 0x01BB3D "ANKH TIME" 
%patch 0x01BB4C "KEY CARDS" 
%patch 0x01BB68 "PLEASE PRESS A KEY" 
%patch 0x01BF04 "Keyboard Commands" 
%patch 0x01BF17 "-----------------" 
%patch 0x01BF2A "0 north :" 
%patch 0x01BF38 "1 northeast:" 
%patch 0x01BF46 "2 east :" 
%patch 0x01BF54 "3 southeast:" 
%patch 0x01BF62 "4 south :" 
%patch 0x01BF70 "5 southwest:" 
%patch 0x01BF7E "6 west :" 
%patch 0x01BF8C "7 northwest:" 
%patch 0x01BF9A "8 button1 :" 
%patch 0x01BFA8 "9 button2 :" 
%patch 0x01BFB6 "Modify which action:" 
%patch 0x01BFCD "Press the new key:" 
%patch 0x01C5B1 "Yorpy" 
%patch 0x01C5C0 "Gargile 
%patch 0x01C5CF "Zzapp!" 
%patch 0x01C775 " SCORE:" 
%patch 0x01C785 " CONGRATULATIONS!" 
%patch 0x01C79E " You got" 
%patch 0x01C664 "first" 
%patch 0x01C668 "second" 
%patch 0x01C672 "third" 
%patch 0x01C679 "fourth" 
%patch 0x01C680 "fifth" 
%patch 0x01C687 "sixth" 
%patch 0x01C68E "last" 
%patch 0x01C7AD "place!" 
%patch 0x01C7B6 "Enter your name:" 
%patch 0x01C7C7 " Keens Left" 
%patch 0x01C850 "Use the " 
%patch 0x01C859 "Arrows" 
%patch 0x01CA42 "You can SAVE the game" 
%patch 0x01CA59 "ONLY on the World Map!" 
%patch 0x01CA71 " press a key:" 
%patch 0x01CA82 "Which game position" 
%patch 0x01CA97 "do you want to save?" 
%patch 0x01CAAD " 1-9 or ESC:" 
%patch 0x01CABD "That game position" 
%patch 0x01CAD1 "already exists!" 
%patch 0x01CAE2 "Overwrite it?:" 
%patch 0x01CAF1 "You can continue this game" 
%patch 0x01CB0D "from the Main Menu next time" 
%patch 0x01CB2B "you play." 
%patch 0x01CB35 "Press a key:" 
%patch 0x01CB42 " Continue Which Game?" 
%patch 0x01CB5A " 1-9 or ESC:" 
%patch 0x01CB6D " That game hasn't" 
%patch 0x01CB81 " been saved yet!:" 
%patch 0x01CBC7 " ESC to Exit /   to Read " 
%patch 0x01CFC9 " press a " 
%patch 0x01CFD8 "key:" 
%patch 0x01C507 "The End...." 
%patch 0x01C513 "For now!"

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