Keen 4: new enemy

Request patches for Keens 4-6.
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Keen 4: new enemy

Post by szemigi »

Well, this enemy would be like this:

- it's immortal (to Keen's shoot)
- it runs back and forth
- you can jump onto it/ride it (like the Gik)
- sprite frames are:
- 4SPR0124.BMP -> runs to the left sprite 1
- 4SPR0125.BMP -> runs to the left sprite 2
- 4SPR0126.BMP -> runs to the right sprite 1
- 4SPR0127.BMP -> runs to the right sprite 2

(Yeah, I won't use Paddle War ball sprites at all, that's why I want to use them for this enemy!)
- last, but not least: in the TOM level editor the easy mode new enemy is coded above the red gem, the normal mode is above the yellow gem, the hard mode one is above the blue gem.

And all the 4 sprite sizes are 96 x 18!

And if you ask back, I surely want it like this. 100%
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