Tiles not displaying properly. (K2)

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Tiles not displaying properly. (K2)

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I've been working on a Keen 2 mod, and I recently noticed that there's a problem that it never had before; tiles 687 (the bottom half of it) and 688 are not displayed the way they are on the tileset. In-game, the former seems to be replaced by multiples of the bottom-right corner of tile 549, while the latter is shown as the background tile. KeenGraph is being used to export and import the graphics (although I think I used LModKeen one time for a certain enemy).

I exported the graphics into a separate folder and the tileset looks just like how it should, but when I imported those graphics back in, the two tiles still don't look right. I then looked through backups of the mod and it seems that the problem was not around until I did the title screen, which is a 320x200 image (same size as the screen). I made sure by reducing the size of the title screen which removed the problems, but I'd like to see if there's another solution that doesn't mean I have to redo the title screen all over again.

To see if it's just my mod or the problem has also happened with other Keen 2 mods that use a screen-sized title screen, I looked at the level maps and graphics of Episode Null, which is a Keen 2 mod that has a 320x200 title screen, and I saw that tiles 687 and 688 were used in the mod. I even played the level that features those tiles just in case they don't look right, and yet they look just fine.

I suppose I can simply move the two tiles to somewhere else in the tileset, as there's some unused tiles. However, though, in case I happened to need 687 or 688 tiles in the end, does anyone here knows why is this problem happening and why does it seem to only affect my mod?

EDIT: Never mind about the problem, I reduced the size of the help image to 8x8 and the problem was fixed.
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