Which Switch switches the Lights

Completed patches for Keen3.
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Which Switch switches the Lights

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As originally posted by LevelLord:

The light switches in Keen utilize much of the bridge switch code. So much so in fact, that there have been reports of light switches acting like bridge switches. This happens when a non hardcoded tile is given the lightswitch property. Here are the patches to change which tile is the lightswitch tile:

#Change lightswitch tile
%patch $3D76 $0F $01

KeenRush then asked:

Hmmm, what about that switch stuff in TileInfo? What is the value this patch changes? I'm dopekeen today.
Edit: So does one need to set the switch property for the tile x in TileInfo and then use this patch for tile x to make tile x a light switch?

and LevelLord replied:

In my experience, yes. I always wondered why my lightswitches turned into bridge blocks, and now I know.
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