What kills sprites

Completed patches for Keen3.
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What kills sprites

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As a side effect when looking for something that I didn't really need to look for for Stealthy, I found these patches. (Hooray for stupidity no?) They set the value of what sprite(s) cause a sprite to die. (But not Keen.) For example the Foob is killed by 4 things, Keen (Sprite property $01) the shooter gun bullets and Vortimom shots ($10) and Keen's shot ($0F) Changing the first to say, $02 makes the Foob not die when touched, except by Vorticons.

(In case you're wondering, the #3D or #3F are strength related, thus the Vorticon has no strength and is #3D while the Vortimom *does* have a strength and is thus $3F, you don't need to change that bit.)

Code: Select all

#What kils stuff;
%patch $42DC $3D $0F #Vorticon killed by keen gun
%patch $42E1 $3D $10 #Vorticon, get killed by enemy gun
%patch $43E4 $3F $01 #Vortikid, get killed by Keengun
%patch $4717 $3F $0F #Vortimom, killed by keengun
%patch $46D2 $3D $04 #Vortimom shots don't hit Vortimom
%patch $46D7 $3D $13 #Vortimom shots hit I dunno
%patch $48A3 $3F $0F #Meep killed by Keengun
%patch $49D8 $3F $0F #Vortninja killed by Keengun
%patch $4B8A $3D $01 #Foob killed by Keen
%patch $4B8F $3D $0F #Foob killed by Keengun
%patch $4B94 $3D $10 #Foob killed by enemy gun
%patch $4E22 $3F $0F #Spark killed by Keengun
%patch $4EC7 $3F $0F #Heart killed by Keengun
%patch $7E77 $3D $01 #Keen's shot can't hit Keen
%patch $7E7C $3D $13 #Keen's shot can hit zapzots

I can get the same patches for Keen 1-2 if anyone thinks they'll use them...
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