Musings on the in-level teleporter

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Musings on the in-level teleporter

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I was reading the thread about galaxy-style exiting in Keen1 and other such things. Which look really great. This got me thinking about things for a minute or two. The following is not a request as such, just a discursive comment really. When looking at this thread it occurred to me that the in-level teleporter patch of around 10 years ago crudely jerks Keen to the destination, which would discourage me and possibly others from using it. I have used it but I never liked that characteristic of its teleportation. I wonder if it is at all possible to:

a) When one enters an in-level teleporter, make the screen fade to black and then re-appear at the destination in the level, a bit like the actual teleporter in level 13 of Keen1 did. I know it was changing level in Keen1, hence the fading-to-black, but maybe it is possible within a level too, thus giving a smoother teleportation.

b) Use the code for the exit tile to make a similar walking-into-a-door effect when using an in-level teleporter. This would be akin to the walking-into-a-door in Keens 4-6.

c) Teleport from a teleporter in a level, to a destination in another level. This could possibly remove some of the limitations on level numbers. I don't really understand how levels work in Keen1-3 but, say, if you put in level 17 or something, then when you finish the level, there might be no DONE marker, or it may be re-enterable, or just blacken the screen momentarily. Whereas, if one just teleported into the next level, bypassing the map, this mightn't be an issue. There could be little intermediate sectors like in Duke Nukum 1.

d) An extension of this could be that different teleporters would bring you to different sections of the same destination level. Imagine if this was combined with Flaose's 'Bad Carmack' for the most complex and interesting puzzle mod ever. This last item, d, is particularly unlikely, I would imagine.
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