Welcome to Keen: Modding!

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Welcome to Keen: Modding!

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Adurdin's [url=http://keenmodding.org/viewtopic.php?t=5]original 2003 announcement[/url] wrote:This forum is intended for discussion of Commander Keen editing and modding, and as a storehouse for tips, tricks, patches, and utilities."
Welcome to Keen:Modding, a subsection of the general Commander Keen community. As the name implies, this forum is dedicated to modding the original Keen games.

If you would like to talk about Commander Keen in general, visit the general community at http://pckf.rigeltechnical.com/index.php

If you would like to learn all about Commander Keen, visit the Keen wiki at http://www.shikadi.net/keenwiki/Main_Page

Adurdin is both the founder and owner of the Keen Modding forum, as well as the forefather of Commander Keen Modding. Adurdin doesn't visit us too often these days; we miss you Andy!

Your forum administrators are XkyRauh and Ceilick .

Notice: If you have any trouble registering an account, email me (email listed on my profile) and I'll get it sorted out.

Happy modding!
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