Request: Keen can shoot and still move without pause (CK1)

Request patches for Keens 1-3.
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Request: Keen can shoot and still move without pause (CK1)

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Normally, when Keen shoots, he changes to his shooting animation and immediately stops his previous action, such as walking or moving horizontally in mid-air. He slips a bit to left or right at most, and it even makes him stagnate on ice as long as one holds the shooting key(s) (and no other sprite pushes him).

I'd like to have something different: Keen's shooting ability should not temporarily stop his other actions. He should be able to move around on ground or in mid-air while he can shoot at any time and keep his movement, like Duke Nukem (holding the shooting button would not stop his movement, either). His shooting animation would not even be necessary anymore when using a character who permanently carries his or her weapon (like the aforementioned Duke).

If the one above is not possible, I'd also be okay with the following: Holding the shooting key(s) should not lead Keen to remain in his shooting animation, much like in Galaxy. There needs to be a limit how long the shooting animation can last. For example, if Keen walks to left in Galaxy and you press space while still holding the left key, he shoots but after a short pause he continues to walk left, it does not matter how long one holds space. Thanks in advance.
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