Spindgreen (new enemy)

Request patches for Keens 4-6.
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Spindgreen (new enemy)

Post by szemigi »

My request is a 'second Spindred' (Spindgreen) with the following features:

1. Sprite bitmaps are:


(AKA unused flipping flag animation replacement)

2. Movement:

Same as Spindred, except its bouncy ceiling-floor thing is twice as fast. And also, it can be killed by 1 shot. The dead Spindgreen sprite bitmap is 5SPR0273.BMP

3. Place in the TOM level editor:

Code it like this:

Easy, normal, hard 'second Spindred' (Spindgreen) is coded after the easy, normal, hard Sphereful (in the next row where you can see the first 3 yellow lines, if you get what I mean).
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