Levelderp - Cross-Platform Qt Vorticons Level Editor

Utilities for editing Keen:Vorticons levels.
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Levelderp - Cross-Platform Qt Vorticons Level Editor

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Due to MoffularDemand over at PCKF, here is my functional but not yet properly releasable Vorticons level editor written with Qt and C++. The main purpose was to have a Linux-native editor that remains responsive on lower end hardware.

It could be brought up to scratch for a proper release given some effort, but that energy is better spent on finishing my mods at the moment so I only work on this when a bug gets in the way of comfortable use.

Source code (somewhat disorganised and hackish of course) is included, plus previous versions so you can see how it has evolved over time. There may also be some potential spoiler graphics throughout.

There are compiled Linux binaries included as well, but it's unknown if they'll work on any particular computer due to library differences, so you'll probably need to recompile (qmake followed by make).

It should compile into a Windows/Mac executable with no problems, or it may require some slight modifications, so if anyone wants to port it, go ahead. Also feel free to modify it for your own uses or to generally improve it.

There isn't any documentation, so if something isn't intuitive, ask here.

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