The Mortrix (K2 mod)

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The Mortrix (K2 mod)

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Hey there, everybody! Yesterday, I released The Mortrix on the PCKF and my site, and I decided to release it here as well today. The Mortrix is a Keen 2 mod, which took about five months to make. I made it to try out new ideas that I haven't seen any other Keen 2 mod do. Here a few links:

Download The Mortrix!
View The Mortrix on the Quillax Ship! (screenshots and additional details included)
View the PCKF topic!

Hope you have fun with it, and feedback is appreciated!

By the way, each level has a unique, hidden item that is both 5,000 points and from another Keen game or mod. If you're looking for an additional challenge, then you could try searching for those treasures!
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