Those bullets that shoot at Keen

Completed patches for Keen3.
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Those bullets that shoot at Keen

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[We really need a name for these guys.] Anyway aside from the usual patches in the sprite index, I came across these lil things while trying to make a Meep gun.

Code: Select all

#Pause between horz bullet appearing onscreen and firing [first shot]
%patch $4D49 $90 $01
#Pause between horizontal gun shots
%patch $4D52 $90 $01

#Pause between vert bullet appearing onscreen and firing [first shot]
%patch $4DB0 $90 $01
#Pause between vertical gun shots
%patch $4DB9 $90 $01

#Horz bullet shooting sound
%patch $4D55 $26 $00
#Vert bullet shooting sound
%patch $4DBC $26 $00

#Both bullets move vertically [but are different sprites!]
%patch $4D68 $22
#Both bullets move horizontally [but are different sprites!]
%patch $4DCF $20
There is a pause between the bullet spawner appearing in the level and its first shot; this can be used to unsynch the guns, so that the horizontal and vertical shots fire at different times. By altering this and bullet speed I made a 'jump n duck' level, where Keen simply has to run from one side to the other dodging bullets without stopping.

It is also possible to make both bullets move horizontally or vertically; each one is a seperate sprite, uses a different animation frame, property, speed and sound. You can thus have two guns that fire left and right, or a kill and stun gun, or other such interests.
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